Gemix Video Slot

Gemix Video Slot is brought to you by Play’n Go and features a unique 7×7 grid which are filled with gemstones. The game itself includes three separate worlds, which you can unlock and discover as you play. Since being released in December 2014, Gemix has proven to be one of Play’n Go’s most popular video slots and can be found in many online casinos.  

You’ll need to match 5 or more symbols to hit a winning cluster when playing Gemix video slot. Winning clusters will explode and then radiant gemstones in all the colours of the rainbow drop from above to fill the game grid, giving you chance after chance to win in the same round. Every consecutive cascading win that you then get, will reward you with an increased multiplier on your winnings. The more gems in a cluster, the greater your prize! Blast away at least 20 gems in total to release an awesome crystal charge effect that allows you to win even more. Explode away at least 40 gems to instantly release a super charge that will quintuple the value of all your prizes for the round!


One of the really fun and engaging features in Gemix is the crystal charge meter feature, which is permanently visible to the right of the reels. As soon as you start hitting winning combinations, the crystal charge meter will start to fill up. You will need to hit 20 winning clusters to completely fill the meter up but once filled you can benefit from one of five different charged features: –


  • Nova Blast – One symbol is targeted and explodes with more symbols falling from above to help you make extra winning combinations.
  • Crytsal Warp – One symbol is targeted and then transforms every matching symbol into the colour of the symbol with the most other colours.
  • Light Beam – Light rays shoot out vertically and horizontally from one symbol in the grid, turning everything it touches into the same colour.
  • Chain Lightning – Two matching corner symbols connect to transform each symbol in between into the same colour.
  • Super Crystal Charge – Win on 40 or more symbols to super charge your crystal charge and boost your winnings with a x3 multiplier. 



Gemix video slot, features three exciting worlds with three levels within each one. Each world has its own unique special wild symbol: –                                                                                             

  • Miners World (lantern wild) – You can benefit from up to 10 lantern wild symbols.
  • Princess’ World (lollipop wild) –  the lollipop wild will spread across the screen.
  • Wizards World (spell book wild) – up to 8 spell book sticky wilds can be added and will remain in place if you continue to hit winning clusters.

Levels are completed by completing the World Patterns by winning on all of the indicated positions. here’s a ‘World Bonus’ amount which increases slightly with each win and you collect this amount when you progress to another world. 

Gemix Video Slot 1

Gemix Video Slot 2








Game Rating9 / 10